• Volume
    The Soap factory able to produce  minimum  at 200 pcs.  to 100,000 pcs. In a month.


  • Shape
    Select the size and shape you feel is most appropriate by utilsing our exitsing dies. Alternatively, we can manufacture your own die working from the ground up, from exact specifications, a sample, or even a rough idea. Anything is possible.


  • Packaging Formats
    We have contract Packaging factory where work with you from concepts to final packaging and unique presentation. The variety of possible presentations is endless.


  • Options
    Paper wrapped
    Moulded containers


  • Colour
    Colour is an integral element of soap design and can be individually matched to your requirements.


  • Size
    Our extensive range of mould shapes will determine your size/weight of Soap, however when utilising our extruded bar process, any size/weight is achievable.


  • Fragrances & Additions
    A wide variety of additives is available to enhance the look and feel of your product.